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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install a dedicated phone line?

No. PcFreeMail works with dual phone/fax lines, as well as dedicated lines.
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How quickly will I receive email messages?

Email messages are delivered to PCFreeMail customers as soon as they reach the PCFreeMail server. As with any email correspondence, message length and attachments can affect delivery time. Simple text messages may arrive almost instantaneously, while image-laden messages require more transmission time.
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How do I contact customer support?

Technical support is available by phone Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET. Call 1-877-834-4481 to speak to a PCFreeMail support person.
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What if I choose to decline service within the 30-day-trial period?

Call 1-877-834-4481 before the end of your trial, and we'll arrange for a full refund.
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What is the page allowance for monthly service?

110 pages sent from your account (22 in color). 55 pages received by your account (11 in color). Unlimited color service allows you to send and receive all of your messages in color. If you exceed your page allowance, we renew your account with the credit card on file.
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How quickly are my messages delivered?

8:30a - 10:00p 10 minutes max, and 10:00p -  8:30a one hour max.
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What file types can I receive?

Text and Html Email and any PDF, JPG, GIF attachments.
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How Is Pcfreemail Different than Email-to-Fax Service?

PcFreeMail is the only service that lets you email by writing a name at the top of a fax. Other email/fax services, in contrast, let you fax from a computer with Internet access.
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How am I protected from spam?

When you sign up for Pcfreemail service, you can choose to receive messages solely from those listed in your address book, or from any address. To best protect yourself, select the whitelist option, and take care not to publish your pcfreemail.com address anywhere on the Web.
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How do I manage my address book and account settings?

You can edit individual entries and group lists online, by email, or phone. To manage your address book and account settings online, login to your account from the pcfreemail.com home page. Our system also auto-saves the names and addresses of those to whom you send messages in your address book.
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Will I automatically receive printed email messages?

Yes. If you have an answering machine or a PCFreeMail-dedicated phone line, then your machine will automatically print your messages.
No. If you use voice mail services through your phone company, PCFreeMail leaves a voice message to let you know that your email is being held for delivery. To retrieve your messages, just let us know that you are home. You can do this one of two ways: call 1-877-834-4481 and press #6 on your touch pad, or send a message. PCFreeMail will then immediately deliver your message(s).
No, if you don't have a dedicated line and you do not have your fax on auto answer, you will need to be there pick up. If you do not have an answering machine, voice mail or dedicated line, you must answer your phone in order to receive PCFreeMail messages. PCFreeMail will try to reach you at regular intervals until you answer the call.
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