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I love being able to email hand-edited papers to colleagues without a computer. -Aimee K. (Marketing Coordinator - Troy, NY) Send Email by Fax

Send handwritten email by fax.

Write a name from your address book at the top of a document (e.g. "Mike R."), and fax it to pcfreemail.

Our system recognizes the name and emails your fax to the matching entry in your address book.

Write a Message and Send it as Email

When you send email by fax to someone new, the name and address is saved to your address book, which you can edit online, by email, or phone.

Easy as A-B-C

(A) Place Note (B) Speed Dial (C) Press Send
You Saved the Time - So Now You Can Take Five!

Customers love my email specials. They reply with their orders, and I get the printed email. It's great. -Mo H. (Cafe Owner - Troy, NY)

Get printed email just like a fax.

Set your fax to auto-answer, and your incoming email will print automatically, just like a fax.

If your fax shares a phone line, we'll call you with a friendly delivery message when you receive email. Then your email automatically prints. Great

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  • Restaurants
  • Medical
  • Architecture
  • Real Estate
  • Art and Design

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