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I love Pcfreemail Service Information

The only service of its kind, Pcfreemail lets you send and receive email without a computer, by simply handwriting a name at the top of any fax.

Other email/fax services, in contrast, let you exchange faxes by email, from a computer with Internet access--the opposite of PcFreeMail.

  • Email and Attachments

    PcFreeMail handles text and html email, and PDF, JPG, and GIF image file attachments.

  • Monthly Page Allowances

    Most of our customers use color in 15% of their messages. We give you 20% color just in case.

    Send 110 Pages - Up to 22 in Color
    Receive 55 Pages - Up to 11 in Color

  • No Overage Fees

    If you exceed your page allowance, we renew your account to provide uninterrupted service.

I use Pcfreemail in my studio to quickly email hand drawings without any hassle. -Joe F. Architect - Troy, NY 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee


Send and Receive Up to 165 Pages

Turn Your Fax into an Email Device

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